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Without a doubt my foray into spiritual direction has been the most transforming experience of my adult life. Spiritual direction is a relationship where one person (the director) listens to another (the directee) in a non-judgmental and attentive way, helping the directee notice the movements and direction of God in ordinary (and not so ordinary) life. The director is a companion for the directee on the spiritual journey. Spiritual direction is a healing relationship because the director listens with love, and love heals.


My own experiences in spiritual direction have been healing in many ways. Over the years, as my own spiritual directors have listened to me, I have become more aware of the gracious healing presence of the Spirit in my life. I am noticing the whispers of the Spirit, every day. These whispers lead me away from compulsive ways of thinking and invite me to make more life-giving choices. One of the great joys of my life is becoming a spiritual director myself and offering this companionship to others.


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