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I have been teaching Enneagram workshops for over twenty years. The Enneagram is a paradigm describing nine vantage points from which human beings view life. While we all share many of these points of view, there is one vantage point that influences us the most. As we learn about this perspective, we learn to see ourselves more clearly. We learn about our giftedness and about our compulsions. And we learn about grace which leads us away from our compulsions and helps us express our gifts. Out of this self-awareness, we come to love God and others more completely.

Engaging with the Enneagram has been immensely helpful in my own spiritual journey. With every workshop I teach, I learn something new about the Enneagram and about myself. This engagement has helped me love my family, folks in my church, and my colleagues with more authenticity. And it has made me much more aware of the love and grace of God in my own life.


My enthusiasm for the Enneagram prompted me to write my latest book, Mirror for the Soul: A Christian Guide to the Enneagram. I wanted to offer an introduction to the Enneagram for those who are new to it, but then go beyond an introduction to see how knowledge of the Enneagram can help us in our daily relationships, in the way we read Scripture, and in the motivation we bring to our spiritual journey. Using my namesake, Alice in Wonderland and her foray into the Looking Glass House, I suggest that the Enneagram gives us a mirror, to see ourselves more clearly and to invite us to see others with God's love and grace.


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