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In Aging Faithfully, spiritual director Alice Fryling guides our walk with God through the uncharted terrain of our later years when we may become preoccupied with all we are losing. As we listen for God’s voice in this vulnerable time, Alice shows how God invites us to renewal from within. We can learn to accept our responses to the aging process and grow in our relationship to ourselves and to God, experiencing grace and love in deeper and deeper ways.


Alice speaks to the questions many older people ask:

•    Will aging change who I am?
•    Will aging diminish who I am as a person?
•    How will aging change my relationships with family and friends?
•    How will aging affect my relationship with God?
•    What do I do about the things that I do not like about the aging process?
•    Is there anything I like about getting older?
•    How can I continue to grow in this new season of life?

The book includes personal meditations as well as group discussion questions to help us navigate the process of aging faithfully.

Mirror for the Soul

The Enneagram is like a mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are sometimes hard to see. In this helpful guide, spiritual director and Enneagram teacher Alice Fryling offers an introduction to each number of the Enneagram and their respective triads. More than just helping us discern our number, this book relates the Enneagram to our spiritual journey as a way to identify our gifts as well as our blind spots. 


With Scripture meditations and questions for reflection and discussion, Mirror for the Soul offers a new perspective on our unique temperament so that we might know and extend God's grace more fully. Knowledge of the Enneagram leads us into more authentic self-awareness, richer relationships, and deeper places in the soul where we can worship God in truth and grace.

Seeking God Together

Jesus promised that God would send the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, to teach his disciples all things and remind them of what he had said. God invites us to experience the counsel, the teaching, and the reminders of the Holy Spirit every day. If you long to be more attentive to God, to recognize the Spirit’s voice and to experience God’s love more deeply, spiritual direction can point the way.


In Seeking God Together, experienced spiritual director Alice Fryling offers a unique introduction to how spiritual direction can be experienced in a group. Spiritual direction is a place where individuals can experience what it means to be listened to and loved by others, so that they can learn to listen more attentively to God in their daily lives and be used by God. 


Out of her years of being both director and directee, Fryling offers practical, step-by-step guidance for those who would like to start, lead or participate in group spiritual direction. Her book will help you know what to expect and fully equip you for the different aspects of the group experience, including learning to listen to God, using Scripture in a group, navigating different personalities, setting group expectations and asking life-giving questions. She also provides an appendix with opening exercises for use in your meetings together.


Life shouts. God whispers. How can we hear God’s whispers when the struggles and worries of life distract us? How can we quiet our souls?

The Art of Spiritual Listening is about learning to listen to the gentle, persistent voice of God and help others hear God’s voice as well. With insightful and creative reflections, Alice Fryling guides us through Scripture passages that teach us how to experience and hear God more fully. 

With an emphasis on spiritual direction, The Art of Spiritual Listening includes Bible study questions, prompts for personal reflection, and notes for leaders who wish to use the book in a group. If your life is too noisy to hear God, or if you want to hear his voice more clearly, this book will guide you to a deeper understanding of what it means to respond to God’s invitation to listen.

Engaged Couples

Alice and Robert Fryling bring over twenty-five years of marriage experience to this workbook designed to guide you through open and honest communication about the things that will really matter in your marriage:

  • money

  • time

  • communication

  • sex

  • family

  • work

  • faith

This isn't just a book you read-—it's a book you experience together. Its interactive style allows you and your future spouse to explore its biblically-based counsel and challenging questions together or with a pastor. And with three chapters tailored specifically to your first few months together, you can even use A Handbook for Engaged Couples after the wedding.


How can you help others grow in their faith? What does a healthy discipling relationship look like? What do you do together?


In order to answer these and other questions, Alice Fryling gathered a team of experienced disciplemakers. Together they give us practical help in such areas as overcoming our fears about discipling others, beginning a discipling relationship, how to be a friend, learning how people change, modeling the Christian life, using Scripture in disciplemaking, how to help a friend who hurts, and helping others share their faith.

Many chapters include time-tested resources you can use in discipling relationships. A handbook for those who need help and encouragement in reaching out to others.


The challenges of parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming. What do we do when we run out of patience? How do we handle our anger when it seems to be getting the best of us? Where do we find the affirmation our children need?

Alice Fryling invites you to discover what the Bible says about how to reflect the love, wisdom, and grace of God in your parenting. Scripture gives us stories and truths about parenting and describes our relationship with God in a way that goes beyond "answers." With wisdom and authenticity, this guide discusses how God parents us, how to pray for our kids, how to handle our own fears and failures, and how to entrust our children to God.

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