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Are you too busy?

If so, read this short booklet!

Inside these practical, wise and comforting pages, Alice Fryling introduces Jesus as a model for busy Christians. Jesus balanced his life, limited his commitments, stayed focused on his mission, and achieved his goals. You can do the same, and this booklet shows you how!


What Happens in Group Spiritual Direction?


Learn what it takes to lead, what models to follow, and what fruit to expect.

Letting Go of the False Self: How the Enneagram Can Help You Find the True You

Conversations Journal Fall/Winter 2014

We begin to see ourselves more clearly in the simplicity of the Enneagram. As we explore the Enneagram, we experience a self-awareness that allows us to see our blind spots and begin to unmask our false self.

Seeking God Together: A First Look at Spiritual Direction

From Christianity Today

I was very nervous the first time I went for spiritual direction. I had never done anything like this before. I wasn't even sure I knew what spiritual direction was. And I'd never met Ed, the spiritual director I found through a brochure someone gave me. We arranged to meet at a historic church near the campus of the University of Wisconsin. As I walked up the steps, I wondered how I had gotten myself into....

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Drawing from personal examples and passages from Scripture, Alice Fryling offers a reasoned argument for the importance of spiritual compatibility in dating and marriage. She argues persuasively and compassionately why Christians should not marry nonbelievers. And she offers five "mini" Bible studies on marriage that help you think through essential issues for yourself.

Why should we wait for sex?

When it comes to relationships, intimacy and sexuality, our culture almost always encourages us to choose the easy lie over the hard truth. The problem is that building relationships on lies won't work for long.

Alice Fryling exposes seven lies our culture tells us and in response offers seven strategies for defeating or escaping sexual temptation. She shows how God's plan for sexuality within marriage is the only way to experience true satisfaction, intimacy and belonging. She also offers advice and hope for those who have not waited--describing how they can experience forgiveness and healing through obedience to God from now on.

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