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“We are mirrors whose brightness is wholly delivered from the sun that shines upon us.”



I am a spiritual director and author. I love being a companion to others on the spiritual journey. As a spiritual director I have the privilege of doing this personally, and as an author I delight in connecting through my writing with those I may never have the privilege of meeting. 

My husband and I have two daughters, two grandsons, and two granddaughters. After decades of living in the East and the Midwest, we moved to Monument, Colorado to be closer to one of our daughters, with the hope of many visits with the other daughter! 

Our move to Colorado brought into focus a new season of life for us. We are definitely in our senior years! As I have throughout my life, I began to put in writing the impact this new experience has had on my own spiritual journey. Now I am excited to share with you my latest book: Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older.


It was a joy to write this book and it was a new writing experience for me. All of my other books were written “after the fact.” When my husband and I wrote the first edition of A Handbook for Engaged Couples, we had been married for several years. When I wrote Seeking God Together, I had already been offering personal and group spiritual direction for many years. And writing Mirror for the Soul, came after years of leading Enneagram workshops.

Writing Aging Faithfully was different. I was exploring my senior years in the midst of experiencing this season of life. That was why it was such a rich writing experience. I listened for the Spirit to guide me in my own life even as I hoped to share a perspective that would be helpful to others. Sometimes I felt like the book I was writing became my own spiritual director. The book seemed to say to me, “That’s a good point, but do you want to say a little more?” Or, as a gentle spiritual director might say, “That sounds like something you want to believe, but you don’t really believe. Are there other words for what you are describing?” And, occasionally, I would hear, “That’s a good point! Don’t forget it!”


By the time I finished writing, I knew the book had helped me move into another dimension of this amazing season of life. I am excited to share this book with others as we journey together, living out our senior years in the grace of God.

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